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Introducing Spirale™

Savor the richness of red
without the sip of sediment.

Wine, like life, is meant to be enjoyed. We started Vacanti Wine Glasses to enhance your appreciation of the beautiful subtleties of wine.

Our unique Spirale™ design captures the sediment in wine, revealing its richness while ensuring a smoother finish. Savor and enjoy every last sip.

A captivating design.

Our elegant hand-blown design is a perfect fusion of form and function. As sediment settles to the bottom of the glass, the spiral in the stem separates it from the wine. Our patented feature keeps the sediment at bay, even while tilting your glass to enjoy the wine.

Catches praise as well as particles.

See what people are saying about Spirale.

Spend your time savoring, not straining.

You no longer need to strain or filter the sediment from your red wines. Simply pour, drink, and enjoy to the last sip. Spirale revolutionizes the wine drinking experience.

Invented by wine lovers, for wine lovers.

We're Margarita and Patrick Vacanti, wine lovers on a mission to enhance the experience of wine. We don't want to strain or filter. We just want to pour and enjoy.

The idea for Spirale originated with a bottle of delicious red wine. We enjoyed every sip until the last one was tainted by a bitter flow of sediment. Inspired by how the shape of a corkscrew grips a cork, we embedded a spiral at the bottom of our glass to "grip" the sediment. After five years of industry testing and consumer feedback, Spirale is ready for the world to enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I love them! Where can I buy Spirale glasses?

We're accepting orders for Spirale now on IndieGoGo. Reserve your glasses today for estimated delivery in time for the holidays!

Order Spirale @ IndieGoGo

I already have a decanter and/or filter. Why do I need Spirale glasses?
Some bottles of wine may surprise you with sediment. With Spirale wine glasses, there is no need to plan ahead to separate sediment from your wine, either via decanting or filtering. Be spontaneous! Simply open, pour and enjoy — Spirale wine glasses have you covered.
How easy are Spirale glasses to clean?
Spirale glasses are dishwasher safe. Please give them adequate space so they don't bump and break against other items. Of course, they can also be hand-washed. For best results, rinse out immediately after use.
What is sediment and why is it in wine?
Sediment is a natural product of the wine fermentation process and consists of solid matter, such as grape fragments. The presence of sediment can also change over time, as your red wine ages and matures. Every bottle of wine is different, and so are the characteristics of the sediment that forms within it.
Have more questions?
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